How did Dan Bilzerian become so rich with poker?


Dan Bilzerian is known as one of the best poker players in the world, but we also know him as a playboy, the man with cars worth millions and the man who always surrounds himself with women. Did he really win all his money by playing poker, or is he not that good a player as he claims to be? We decided to find out.

There are celebrities where you wonder: who really is this guy and why should I know him? Bilzerian is one of those people. He’s not completely an actor, not completely a Navy Seal and especially no candidate for US presidency. What he did succeed in, is poker and gathering women. Bilzerian has pokered his entire fortune and he had little trouble with that.

Bilzerian gladly shares his luxurious life with anyone who likes to know about it on Instragram, Twitter and Facebook. With around 1 million followers on Instagram, he typically shares photos about his life full of women, poker, cars, and parties. He likes to show off that his girlfriends are one of the most beautiful models, that he has the most expensive cars, and fills his days with parties and booze.

It all started in 1980. Dan Bilzerian was born on December the 7th in Tampa, Florida. His father came from Armenia and was a successful businessman on Wall Street. Dan decided to join the marines at the age of 20, but with little success. After multiple attempts to pass his exams, he was expelled from school for breaching safety rules.

When he decided to throw everything around and learn how to play poker, he finally found his calling and natural talent. He quickly climbed the ladders and became the rich and winning poker player he is today.

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